What is ekCoffee?

It is a place to find your potential life partner, in an informal and relaxed setting. Here you will meet interesting and educated single Indians, learn about their interests and values, and get to know them better.

ekCoffee is a site for Indians who believe a person's values, personality, and life outlook are more important to them than some traditional and outdated parameters.

How are you different from "shady.com" and other "matrimonial" sites?

Very different.

Almost all matrimonial sites are squarely focused on the process of you finding a life partner as if it was a job interview. On those sites, you fill out what is essentially a "biodata" with your professional and family background, a bunch of caste-related information, ridiculous questions about your complexion and so on.

What makes us different? Since you asked, here is what makes us different (because bullet points are sometimes better):

  • We do not ask about your caste, family background, skin tone, or blood group.
  • Finding people on ekCoffee does not involve sifting through endless profiles page after page. More often, you will just "discover" someone interesting.
  • Your interests, values, and personality have a chance of shining through here. You will discover the same things about others too.
  • It is not a place to look for an arranged marriage. Our members do not come expecting to find a good-only-on-paper mate.

Are there genuine people on ekCoffee?

Yes, every single one of them.

Why should I join ekCoffee?

If getting to know someone interesting over a simple cup of coffee (and letting the law of attraction do its job) appeals to you more than the prospect of going to an arranged, matrimonial interview.

Our philosophy

We present to you — Top 10 Reasons to Join ekCoffee — our partly humorous (but entirely serious) peek into our philosophy.

We hope that you will meet interesting people to connect with (and hopefully meet your life partner!). We will help foster that. The rest (what happens next) is up to you.

Go on then, meet someone over a warm cup of coffee. Of course, if you fancy chai, martini, or something else, that's fine by us, too.

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