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Meet The Most Interesting Singles To Get Coffee With.

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What Our Users Say

“I love how it's one conversation at a time!

“This feels so much more relaxed and talking to one person at a time is totally leading to an _actual_ date!

“Haven't met a single creep yet :D

“I love how your app keeps the conversation moving.

“Digging it.

“Went on one of your brunches. This I could do!

“Something about the vibe your app feels a lot more meaningful.

“Not sure what you're doing but the quality of my matches is just really good!

Who is ekCoffee for?

ekCoffee is a atypical dating app for those seeking to date meaningfully.

What is new about ekCoffee?

For starters, you'll have one conversation at a time on ekCoffee. Did that just shock you? Say goodbye to trying to keep up with way too many chats. We guarantee you'll meet more people this way.

We're doing a lot of big and bold things on ekCoffee and you'll see it when you use it.

But there are so many dating apps…

We hear you. We'll counter that by just saying that ekCoffee is going to feel a lot less rushed and overwhelming to you. It's going to feel more deliberate, and dare we say, natural.

If we haven't launched in your city

Download the app and check if we've launched in your city.
If we haven't, there's a waiting list you can add yourself to. It tells us which cities we should come to next!

I have a question

Send us a note at [email protected] or message @ekcoffee on Twitter. We'd love to hear from you.